Davos 2023

Davos Summit: Leaders Optimistic About Global Economy Despite Mixed Signals

All leaders and top government officials are racing to make optimistic statements about the global economy.

The DAVOS summit also gave them the opportunity to voice their forecast, expectations, concerns and hopes.

These days, we see both good and bad numbers and news at the same time.

Here are the headlines:

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Is this the end of globalization

Is This The End Of Globalization?

While the world is going through challenging times, the same old concerns came up again. Is the world going back to the times when rich nations are closing doors to the world? Is protectionism coming back? Have we come to the end of globalization? How will our country be affected by the looming and existing crises?

There is no country that is far from these questions because everyone feels this distress to their bones. Like individuals, companies want to see their future and are pessimistic about how to run their business.

Most enterprises around the world do business with other countries and are confused and worried about how the current global political and economic situation will affect them in the long run.

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what new year brings to us

3 Major Powers And What The New Year Brings

Considering the global political and economic situation, we cannot say that we are starting 2023 with positive news and forecasts all over the world. Global growth projection of the World Bank, rising inflation and expected recession…

On top of that, the rising tension among the three major powers The USA, EU and China makes the situation even worse.

Aware of the desire of Western countries to diversify their global investments and reduce their dependence on China, Xi Jinping is accelerating his geopolitical and geostrategic investments around the world as a counter move.

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