A/B Testing

Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Efforts with A/B Testing

What is A/B Testing

A/B testing, aka split testing, is a marketing method used to optimize our marketing performance by comparing two versions of a web page or any marketing related asset (email, ad, pop up, app, etc.). Basically we test two different variants on two separate groups and after a test and measurement process we find out which one performs better.

In this comparison, the original version (A) is “control” and the second (B) is “variation”. Based on the results we gather from these two groups we find out which title, CTA button color or position, copy or page structure  delivers more conversion.

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how to overcome sales objections like a master

Sales Objections And How To Overcome Like A Master

Two things never end: the normality of potential customers’ sales objections without understanding at the beginning, and salespeople know it. Both are eternally unchanging judgments.

That’s what makes things complicated and stressful. And the fact that consumers are being exposed to advertisements, insistent calls, text messages and emails throughout the day does not make this any easier.

In such a world, how will you get potential customers to listen to you and manage to sell your product or service?

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Create a pro website

How An Ideal Website That Converts Should Be

When it comes to promoting your brand, I can’t imagine anything better than the corporate website. Yes, social media is great too, but their algorithms recommend to the users other related pages as well. So, your competitors appear on the screen of your audience’s devices next to your profile at the same time. How beautiful!

This is what best illustrates the difference between a website and a social media platform.

When a potential customer clicks through your website, they only focus on your brand and nothing to draw their attention to a competitor’s profile.

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Inbound Marketing for Exporters

Inbound Marketing Made Easy For Exporters

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a methodology applied to attract potential customers to your brand using SEO, content marketing, social media etc. through all effective channels that put you in front of your target audience and lay the groundwork for engaging with them.

The most effective way to engage your audience is to create high-quality and useful content that educates, inspires and brings them closer to your brand.

While inbound marketing mainly aims at converting a lead into an advocate of a brand; when it comes to international trade, its first goal is to attract the potential buyers and get them to contact you in person using various types of CTAs (Call to Action).

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Export Marketing Strategy

How To Craft Your Export Marketing Strategy

You have done your research and identified target markets you can compete in and you are at the export marketing phase. Now you have big opportunities for your business’s growth and it’s time to figure out how to introduce your brand to those markets and penetrate in an effective and efficient way. 

Export marketing strategy is not export plan

Before starting to break down the export marketing, I want to be sure that you already know that export marketing strategy and export plan are not the same thing and that you’ve already done your export plan.

For those who may have missed the difference, let’s clarify it. Export plan is a holistic strategy that navigates you to go global. It helps you understand your capacity, capability and achieve your internationalization goals strategically. Export marketing is part of that plan and you cannot execute your marketing activities without an export plan.

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Marketing vs Advertising

Marketing Isn’t Advertising

Sometimes I hear people saying “I hate marketers. All they do is try to sell their products to me. They are everywhere: in my inbox, social media accounts, tv, newspaper.” To escape from such an intrusion, they use ad blockers, premium version of youtube, streaming services like Netflix and so on. Apparently from the standpoint of consumers everything that is used to promote a product is marketing. This actually shows that marketers fail to express themselves.

We can say that there is a big fallacy here and these examples give us an idea about the perception of marketing. By definition, they are actually confusing marketing with advertising. Unfortunately marketing seems to have been reduced to advertising which irritates people. Companies also play a major role in the formation of this perception; Instead of developing a well-designed marketing strategy, they take the easy way out and buy ads believing they can get people to buy their products.

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