Hi, my name is Ümit. I am an international trade strategist. I started my international trade career as a competitive intelligence consultant in 2011, Ankara.

Since then I’ve worked with micro, small and medium enterprises by helping them start exporting or expanding their export markets.

All these years I also learned a lot from them and each company made a huge contribution to my knowledge.

In 2018 I decided to share what I know about international trade and started my blog exportact in Turkish. My last and present project is now this blog.

My motivation is to help small businesses from all over the world participate in the global economy and get more of the pie.

For a just and sustainable world, the world needs global SMEs more than giant companies.

Here you’ll read about international trade, marketing, branding, research, entrepreneurship and stories of real successful people who started from the scratch. 

If you have questions for me please feel free to get in contact.