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“Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.” — Peter Drucker


Export Business Plan Development

I offer comprehensive assistance in developing detailed business plans for your international operations.
As a business owner, expanding your operations to the international market can be a daunting task. With years of experience in business planning and development, I can help you navigate the complexities of expanding your operations to a global scale. From market research and financial analysis to marketing strategies and legal considerations, I offer comprehensive assistance in developing detailed business plans tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Branding for International Markets

I develop and execute branding strategies targeting international audiences through content and social media marketing.

As a branding strategist, my goal is to help you establish a strong and memorable brand identity that resonates with your target audience. The key to successful branding is to create a consistent message that reflects the company’s values, personality, and unique selling proposition.

To achieve this, I develop a comprehensive branding strategy that includes messaging, visual identity, and content creation guidelines.

Export Sales and Marketing Strategy

I develop customized export sales and marketing plans to help you effectively penetrate international markets.

From market research and analysis, to product positioning and pricing, to logistics and distribution, I offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you achieve success in your target markets.


Trade Data Analysis

I analyze trade data to identify trends and opportunities for you to enter new markets or expand your current operations.

Gathering and analyzing vast amounts of data, I help you make informed decisions about your future operations. This includes examining import and export data, tracking changes in trade policies and regulations, and identifying emerging markets and industries.

By analyzing this data, I can help you identify potential risks and opportunities, as well as develop strategies for growth and expansion.

Export Market Research

I provide comprehensive market research reports to help you identify target markets, analyze competition, and assess market trends.

My reports can help exporters tailor their products and marketing strategies to meet the needs of their target audience.

In addition to market research, I also provide valuable insights into industry trends and emerging technologies. This will help you stay ahead of the curve and identify new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Whether you are a small business just starting out or a large multinational corporation, my market research reports can provide you with the information you need to make informed business decisions and stay competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Finding International Leads

I identify and qualify potential international leads and provide a list of prospects to clients looking to expand their customer base globally.

I use a variety of resources to identify key players in various industries and regions. I then carefully evaluate each prospect to ensure they meet the specific criteria set by my clients. Once I have a comprehensive list of potential leads, I provide my clients with a detailed report that includes contact information and any other relevant details.

My goal is to help my clients not only expand their customer base, but also to do so in a way that is efficient and cost-effective. By providing them with a targeted list of prospects, I give them a head start in their global expansion efforts and help them achieve their business goals.

Bespoke Market Entry Strategies

I develop tailored market entry strategies for businesses looking to expand into specific countries or regions.

To do this, I conduct extensive research on the target market’s economic, political, and cultural landscape. This allows me to gain a deep understanding of the market and identify potential opportunities and challenges. Based on this research, I create a comprehensive plan that outlines the best approach for the business to enter the market successfully.

Marketing Strategies

I understand the unique challenges that MSMEs face in the global market. I can help you navigate these challenges and increase your sales and revenue by devising export marketing strategies that are tailored to your business.

I help you identify the best markets for your products, understand the cultural and legal requirements of those markets, and devise effective marketing campaigns to reach your target audience.

With my guidance, you can enter new markets with confidence, grow your business on a global scale, and achieve your export marketing goals. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and let’s discuss how I can help your business succeed in the global marketplace.


Cross-cultural Training

I offer training and workshops to help businesses and their employees understand and navigate different cultural norms and expectations in international business.

Through interactive sessions, I provide practical tools and strategies to help individuals and teams communicate effectively with colleagues and partners from different cultures. We explore topics such as communication styles, negotiation tactics, and business etiquette, all with the goal of building stronger relationships and achieving better outcomes.

Not only does this training benefit businesses in their international endeavors, but it also leads to a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture. By embracing and valuing differences, employees are better equipped to collaborate and innovate, ultimately driving success for the company as a whole.


I provide clients with training on international commercial terms (Incoterms) to help them understand shipping and delivery responsibilities.

International commercial terms are a set of rules that define the responsibilities of buyers and sellers in international trade. By understanding the roles and responsibilities outlined in Incoterms, clients can avoid costly misunderstandings, delays, and disputes related to shipping and delivery.

Whether your business is importing or exporting goods, it is essential to have a clear understanding of Incoterms. With my guidance, clients can be confident that they are fully equipped to navigate the complexities of international trade and ensure smooth and successful transactions.

Competitive Intelligence Training

Competitive intelligence is essential for companies looking to stay ahead of the game in today’s fast-paced global economy. It involves gathering and analyzing information about competitors, industry trends, and consumer behavior to make informed business decisions.

By using this information, companies can develop effective strategies to not only maintain their market position but also gain a competitive edge. It is important for businesses to understand the value of competitive intelligence and invest in this area to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

I break down the complexities of competitive intelligence into simple, actionable steps. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or just someone keen on leveling up their skills, I’ve got you covered. From decoding market trends to mastering competitor analysis, my training is all about giving you the tools to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

No jargon, no fuss – just practical insights and techniques you can apply right away. Let’s turn the sometimes overwhelming world of competitive intelligence into a skill you can confidently wield.

International Sales Training

I provide training and workshops for sales teams on international sales techniques and strategies.

My approach to international sales is focused on understanding cultural differences and adapting sales techniques to fit the specific needs and preferences of different markets. Through my training sessions, I aim to equip sales teams with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate cross-cultural business relationships and close deals on a global scale.

Some of the topics I cover in my workshops include effective communication across cultures, negotiation tactics, and building trust with international clients. I also emphasize the importance of conducting thorough research on target markets and understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that come with selling in different regions.

At the end of my training sessions, participants will have a deeper understanding of the nuances of international sales and a toolbox of strategies and techniques they can use to succeed in a global marketplace. Whether your sales team is just starting to expand internationally or looking to improve their existing global sales efforts, my workshops can help them achieve their goals.

One-to-one courses

Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand into international markets, or an individual looking to develop your skills in international trade, I have the expertise to help you succeed.

As an experienced export specialist, I understand the complexities of international trade and the skills required to navigate them. I offer a range of courses designed to help people start and grow in the field of international trade.

From the basics of international trade and logistics, to advanced strategies for market research, finding buyers, and digital marketing, my courses cover all the essential skills needed to succeed in the global marketplace. Each course is tailored to meet the specific needs of students, providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their international trade career.

  • The overall export business course
  • International shipping methods under the rules of Incoterms® 2020
  • Market research
  • Finding international buyers
  • Export marketing


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