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Trade finance

Unlock the Potential of Your International Business with Trade Finance

Prospect: Your prices are OK. But our payment policy lets us work only T/T 45 days after B/L.

You: Sorry, but we work only [30% in advance and the balance before shipment.]

Prospect: [lost comm.]

How many times have you not done business with a prospect just because you had doubts about them?

How many times have you abandoned a deal because you did not have enough capital to produce such a high volume order?

How many times have you ended a negotiation due to not being able to agree on payment terms?

How many times have you been afraid to fail to fulfill such a big order out of lack of finance?

How many times has the financing impasse hindered your business?

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Dates Market
Global Dates Market

Dates Market

HS Code: 080410 (Fresh or Dried Dates)

Global dates market has become a commodity traded all around the world due to its widespread consumer base across the world. Dates are a highly sought-after fruit due to their natural sweet taste, unique texture, and their status as a healthy and nutritious food source.

In recent years, the global trade of dates has been steadily increasing and has been shown to have grown over the past decade.

The majority of the world’s date production takes place in the subtropical climates of North Africa and the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia being the leading exporter of dates, holding a 13.4% share of the world’s exports in 2021.

Israel (13.1%) and Iran (12.6%) follow as the next largest exporters. The most popular variety of dates in global exports is the Medjool date.

Exported value in 2021


Export Growth


Top Exporter

Saudi Arabia $322.840

Top Importer

India $240.350

Unit : US Dollar thousand

top 10 exporters 2021

Saudi Arabia 13.4%
Israel 13.1%
Iran 12.6%
UAE 11.3%
Tunisia 10.6%
Algeria 5.9%
Iraq 5.1%
USA 4.8%
Netherlands 2.8%
Pakistan 2.2%

top 10 importers 2021

India 11.8%
Morocco 9.9%
UAE 6.7%
France 5.6%
Germany 4.2%
USA 4.1%
UK 4%
Indonesia 3.4%
Netherlands 3.2%
Malaysia 3.2%

Data based on the partner reported data (Mirror data) are shown in orange

Exports of Saudi Arabia

imports of India

Source: All the statistical data and charts gathered from ITC

A/B Testing

Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Efforts with A/B Testing

What is A/B Testing

A/B testing, aka split testing, is a marketing method used to optimize our marketing performance by comparing two versions of a web page or any marketing related asset (email, ad, pop up, app, etc.). Basically we test two different variants on two separate groups and after a test and measurement process we find out which one performs better.

In this comparison, the original version (A) is “control” and the second (B) is “variation”. Based on the results we gather from these two groups we find out which title, CTA button color or position, copy or page structure  delivers more conversion.

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world coffee market

Coffee Market

HS Code: 090111 (Coffee, not roasted, not decaffeinated).

Exported value in 2021


Export Growth


Top Exporter

Brazil $5.804,673

Top Importer

USA $4.946,324

top 10 exporters 2021

Brazil 26.8%
Colombia 14.3%
Vietnam 9.5%
Honduras 6%
Ethiopia 5.5%
Guatemala 4.3%
Indonesia 3.9%
Belgium 3.6%
Peru 3.5%
Uganda 3.3%

top 10 importers 2021

USA 22.4%
Germany 14.7%
Italy 6.6%
Japan 5.4%
Belgium 4.6%
Switzerland 3.5%
Canada 3.5%
France 3%
Spain 2.7%
South Korea 2.5%

Exports of Brazil

exports of Brazil

imports of USA

US imports

Source: All the statistical data and charts gathered from ITC

going global

8 Aspects To Consider Before Going Global With Your Business

While businesses are experiencing the worldwide storm, SMEs particularly feel the pinch to the bone. This pushes them to consider going global. However, sometimes the journey of exporting may end up with worse consequences. 

Running a business is a significant undertaking, and expanding operations to a global scale requires even more effort and planning. Companies seeking to expand internationally should be aware that extensive preparation is necessary before entering foreign markets. 

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Davos 2023

Davos Summit: Leaders Optimistic About Global Economy Despite Mixed Signals

All leaders and top government officials are racing to make optimistic statements about the global economy.

The DAVOS summit also gave them the opportunity to voice their forecast, expectations, concerns and hopes.

These days, we see both good and bad numbers and news at the same time.

Here are the headlines:

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