FCA, short for “Free carrier”, means that the exporter has to deliver the goods to the importer’s collecting vehicle at the point of delivery, which can be at the exporter’s premises or another point that’s been specified in the contract of
May 28, 2021


Ex Works is obviously the best Incoterms rule for exporters. If you are new to foreign trade, you’d better agree on the term EXW with your buyer as you’ll bear no risk for anything including customs formalities but to make the
May 26, 2021

Business Email Examples

In every line of business, email is probably the most commonly used means of communication in the world; especially for those whose native languages are not English, email is a life saver. We all know that making conversations with companies from
May 15, 2021
packing list

Export Packing List | How To Create a PL

What is a packing list? Packing list is an important document that indicates the content of your cargo, informing also about the number and kind of packages (crates, carton boxes, drums,pallets etc.). It provides all the interested parties in an export-import
May 14, 2021

The Ecosystem Of Foreign Trade

When running an import and export business you’ll need various services that will make your operations proceed in a proper way. Otherwise you’ll end up with a number of losses and failures like incorrectly prepared documents, faulty organization of shipment, false
May 14, 2021
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