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Coffee Market

Discover the insights on the global coffee market, including production, consumption, and trade statistics.


HS Code: 090111 (Coffee, not roasted, not decaffeinated).

Exported value in 2021


Export Growth


Top Exporter

Brazil $5.804,673

Top Importer

USA $4.946,324

top 10 exporters 2021

Brazil 26.8%
Colombia 14.3%
Vietnam 9.5%
Honduras 6%
Ethiopia 5.5%
Guatemala 4.3%
Indonesia 3.9%
Belgium 3.6%
Peru 3.5%
Uganda 3.3%

top 10 importers 2021

USA 22.4%
Germany 14.7%
Italy 6.6%
Japan 5.4%
Belgium 4.6%
Switzerland 3.5%
Canada 3.5%
France 3%
Spain 2.7%
South Korea 2.5%

Exports of Brazil

exports of Brazil

imports of USA

US imports


Producing Countries

Source: All the statistical data and charts gathered from ITC

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