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The Ecosystem Of Foreign Trade

When running an import and export business you’ll need various services that will make your operations proceed in a proper way. Otherwise you’ll end up with a number of losses and failures like incorrectly prepared documents, faulty organization of shipment, false declarations
May 14, 2021
İhracatta Riskler

Export Risks In International Trade

In addition to the big advantages it provides, exporting brings a number of risks along. Small and medium-sized enterprises that haste to start exporting asap generally plunge into contacting potential buyers in an attempt to sell their products without studying the markets
November 29, 2021

Global Value Chain | What is GVC?

What is Global Value Chain? Global Value Chain is the organizational structure created by spreading the production processes to various countries in order to provide sustainable competitive advantage. How does the GVC process work? Businesses in developed countries that have strong currency,
November 28, 2021
Export Modes in International Trade

Export Modes

Exporting and importing activities of SMEs play an important role in the global economy. Today most of the businesses start with the vision of exporting their goods as well as domestic sales. There are a number of reasons as to why it’s
November 24, 2021
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