Export Documents

Export Documents Used In International Trade

Export documents, besides finding international buyers and closing the deal, constitute the most important part in international trade. Without having the knowledge of documentation, convincing prospects of buying doesn’t mean anything.

Among the essentials of international trade, having knowledge of documentation comes first. Although every country and every industry has their own special requirements, there are basic export documents that are used in the transaction of every kind of merchandise.

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packing list

Export Packing List | How To Create a PL

What is a packing list?

Packing list is an important document that indicates the content of your cargo, informing also about the number and kind of packages (crates, carton boxes, drums,pallets etc.). It provides all the interested parties in an export-import process including exporter, importer,freight forwarder, customs broker and customs authorities of both exporting and importing country with information about the shipment.

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What Is Proforma Invoice? | PI Template For Export

What is proforma invoice?

Proforma invoice is an informal document to make price offers of goods and services. In advance of a formal sales agreement, the seller sends a proforma invoice to the buyer to clarify the price of goods/services and terms and conditions such as insurance, payment terms and incoterms.

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